Europe’s No.1 Gaming Portal

Completely revamped, revitalised and placing it’s ideology at the core. A site for it’s members & the 21st Century.

A feature-rich website design incorporating lots of custom content and snazzy tricks.

Mobile phone in hand displaying website

The Concept

Working closely with the guys at S2K through every stage was paramount. They reviewed their existing operation & with Karbon Designed’s help, worked towards their new vision.

The emphasis was on it’s members and every decision made, placed them at the forefront of the experience.

Monitor showing website
Website screenshot

The Solution

A considered, aesthetically pleasing, user-friendly design was required to highlight exactly who S2K are, where they came from & where they were destined.

Encompassing current practices, the final design embraced modern thinking and appropriate styling. S2K’s ideology permeating through the heart & soul of the project.

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Grant Livingstone

Make no mistake, we are perfectionists and hard taskmasters but Karbon Designed were up to the challenge.

Thanks guys, you were brilliant.”

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