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Welcome to Karbon Designed – we look forward to building a long-term relationship with you. Working in partnership with our clients is what we’re all about, so here’s to the future!

Underneath you’ll find a content form with a number of steps we’d like you to complete, so we can obtain the appropriate information we need from you. It’s not exhaustive but hopefully we’ve asked enough questions to cover the important areas.

Creating a new website can seem a little daunting, so if there is anything that doesn’t make sense, make a note and drop us a line or call us on Karbon Designed HQ Number. It’s not a problem.

We thoroughly recommend making a backup copy of your responses on a Word document (or similar) first, before submitting.


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PLEASE NOTE: We will create a Dropbox or Google Drive folder for you to upload any images, graphics or photographs you have.

Upload Your Logo

Make sure to upload design files only, you can upload multiple files. (Preferably Ai, EPS or PDF Format)

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Branding & Colour

Do you have any specific colour scheme or branding colours you would like to use on the website?

Tell us about any colours you feel would be appropriate on the website. Also tell us about any colours you definitely don't want to use.

Add any branding or colour related files here.

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Business Details

Please enter all the relevant details associated with your business that you'd like us to use on the new website.

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Existing Web Hosting & Login Details

If you use an existing web hosting company, please provide the following information.

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Current Website Login Details

If you currently have a website, please supply us with the relevant login information.

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Domain Name Hosting Login Details

If you use a separate company to supply your domain name(s), please provide the appropriate information.

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If Google Analytics has been set-up previously, please provide us with the username & password.



Any Other Login Details

Please list any other important login details we might need for your website project.

Social Media Accounts

Please provide us with the relevant URLS (addresses) for your main Social Media accounts below. As an example here is a typical Facebook URL -

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Tell Us About 'Your Business'

We will need appropriate written web content for each of the pages on your website and cannot stress how important this part of the process is - the more information we have, the better we are able to structure your website.

Think carefully about each page on your website. Break this down into sections and describe everything in as much detail as you can. Imagine you were a visitor to the website for the first time and knew nothing about the company. What information would you like to see? Which information would be important to know? What benefit would this provide the visitor?

To help, we've created sections for you underneath to help you get started and have included the following bullet points to assist your thinking.

• Background information on the company • Your industry experience • Which areas do you specialise in? • Who are your target customers? • Information about the owners and your team • Reasons clients would choose your company? • Reputation in the industry • Client benefits of using your company • Areas & Locations you cover/serve

PLEASE NOTE: We recommend writing this information out on a Word document (or similar) first and then copy & paste the information into each field.

Your Written Content

Before you progress with the final page, please upload any written content you have already prepared. It doesn't need to be perfect, as we will review it before we start to implement it across your website design.

Add any documents you have here.

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The Home Page

The Home page is the window to the rest of your website, we go into more detail about your business in the sections below but we'd like you to summarise what your business does, your vision and provide an overview of the company.

Services / Products You Provide

Can you provide an overview of all the various services / products you offer. List them separately and describe each one individually so we know exactly what you offer customers.

About Your Company

Tell us in more depth about your company, who you are, your team, your ethos, your history & experience etc. Let your customers know about the 'You' behind your business.

Customer Testimonials

Do you have any testimonials that clients have provided to you?

Add any testimonials below.

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Client / Work Case Studies

If you have an examples of any projects or clients you have worked with in the past, please tell us about them in more detail.

Please upload any documents you have below.

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Legal Information

Do you have a Privacy Policy, Terms or any other Conditions relevant to business?

Upload any relevant documents you have here.

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Website Blog

If you are going to supply any Blog articles can you explain a little bit more about them, what you plan to write, have you written any etc.

Please upload any articles you have written here.

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Max. size: 512.0 MB

Other Relevant Information

What are the important keywords that describe your business. Can you think of 3-5 phrases prospective clients would type into Google to find your company.

Please write a brief description of the business that summarise what the business offers - Between 140-160 characters in length. I know this may be a bit tricky but give it a try!

Which geographical areas does your business cover?

Any Other Information

Is there any additional information you think is important or relevant to be included in your website - please add below.

Add any additional documents or files you think are relevant below.

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