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Support & Maintenance Packages for WordPress Websites

We’re friendly, knowledgeable & UK Based

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From small personal blogs & sole trader websites to larger business websites & eCommerce shops.

We can help maintain your WordPress website & support your business needs.

Whatever your requirements we’ll take care of everything for you.

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Why Use Us For Your Website Support?

We’re friendly, knowledgeable & UK Based

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Core WordPress Updates
Updating the website platform.





Theme Updates
Ensuring your WordPress theme is fully updated.





Plugin Updates
Keeping all your website plugins up-to-date.





Health Check
Website audit to make sure everything is well.





Secure Backups
Regular backups performed & stored securely.





SSL Security Certificate*
Encrypting your data using HTTPS.

Support Time Per Month**
Number of minutes you use each month.





Support Plan Costs





Additional Notes

SSL Security Certificate* – Ony websites hosted on our servers are able to take advantage of this service. This also excludes eCommerce websites which often require different types of certificate, depending on their requirements.

Support Time Per Month** – This is the number of minutes we use to update WordPress, themes and plugins. The length of time it takes to carry out these tasks comes out from this total.

Health Check – This website audit reports essential information about your WordPress configuration and items that require your attention.

Office Hours – We normally operate between the hours of 9am to 5am throughout Monday to Friday.

Cancel anytime, no complex small print, no hidden charges, no quibble.

VAT is not applicable to our prices. Nice. 👍🏻

How the service works

We provide WordPress support where you can submit requests via:

  • Our online ticket support system
  • Calling us on 01324 466555
  • & email

We are a UK based company who offer website support services, where all work we carry out for our trusted clients is conducted in-house by our creative team.

What’s great about our service is that support time is calculated on a “per minute” basis. In practice this means if it takes us 5 minutes to perform a task, we only record 5 minutes on your monthly support time allocation. How refreshing.

We’re honest, ethical & transparent and we pride ourselves on our great value for money service.

And there are more services

We’re not your typical WordPress maintenance company, we don’t just provide fantastic technical support for your website.

As part of your monthly support minutes you can also take advantage of these additional services:

  • Content Edits
  • Image Edits
  • Website Improvements
  • Speed & Performance
  • & many more
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Just need occasional support?

In addition to our WordPress support packages we also offer ad-hoc support for websites.

Although we thoroughly recommend one of our support packages you may only need a little bit of occasional help?

That’s where our KARBON KARE ™ support is the perfect solution to give you that assistance you need.


It’s completely flexible support plan that includes a pre-paid number of minutes you can use on your WordPress website.

  1. Pre-purchase a number of minutes that suit your needs.
  2. When you require website support (raise a support ticket, email or call us) and we’ll give you an estimate of how long it will take.
  3. We closely monitor & deduct the time from your total.

KARBON KARE is utilised in 15 min periods of time. Unlike other agencies, if you need a small amendment to your website you won’t be charged for a full hour.

We keep records of all work we carry out and reports are provided to show you what we did & how long it took to complete. Simple.

More support time can be added whenever you need it, just get in touch and we’ll do the rest.

You can use Karbon Kare to help with the majority of tasks associated with your website.

Get Karbon Kare Need a Quick Fix?

Bespoke requirements

Are you looking for custom support or maybe require more complex work to be conducted?

  • You manage a large website or ecommerce platform.
  • Need specialist help or advice.
  • Are looking for in-depth support.

We can help with all of the above and much more.

Not every website is the same and sometimes a tailormade solution is necessary to ensure WordPress operates effectively for your personal needs.

There are a number of options, including premium offerings that we can provide to elevate your website to the next level.

Interested in getting Custom Support?

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    Another Service?

    If there is a specific service you’re looking for we’d be delighted to help.

    Just give us a call on 01324 466555 so we can discuss things in greater depth.

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