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The Joy of Sexy (Good) Web Design

Sexy? Not quite, but maybe we can help you.

Your website is a visual representation of who you are, what you do, why you do it and the underlying ethos at the core of your business.
I’m sure this isn’t the first time you heard someone say “First impressions count” but this is soooooo true on the web.

Visitors take about 50 milliseconds (0.05 seconds) to form an opinion about your website. Quickly, promptly and without mercy. Ouch.

Everyone is a food critic and websites are subject to the same level of snap judgement that determines your credibility, whether they stay or leave and ultimately, how palatable you are.

Food for thought:

Gates & Fences Websites

In an ideal world we obviously recommend enlisting the services of a professional web designer, such as Karbon Designed (shameless plug, soz) but if you want to go “Lone Wolf”, here are some basic features you should seriously consider when updating, revamping or modernising your website.

Ensure its legible

When people visit your website, they’ve visited it for 2 reasons. To either check out what you offer or by complete accident. Seeing as they’ve made the effort to click-through anyway, the very least you can do is make the experience enjoyable. Don’t hold them to ransom.

People only read about 20% of a web page! The reason? Users ‘scan’ as fundamentally people are looking for quick answers (unless they’re private investigators).

So ensure you:

  • Keep it simple
  • Select a readable font
  • Include descriptive headings
  • Write in short paragraphs
  • Use bulleted lists like this 🙂

Ransom Note Letters

Make it accessible

With 57% of web traffic in the UK mobile, there is absolutely no excuse in today’s modern world for the user to suffer at the hands of an outdated website that doesn’t look good or display correctly on almost every device.

It’s hard enough getting them there in the first place, right? Doesn’t matter if you’re a smartphone fan, iPad user, laptop worker or desktop god – when you visit a website the overall user experience should be the same.

Ideally, it should:

  • Incorporate responsive design
  • Load quickly (can be tricky)
  • Display images appropriately (good quality & small file size)
  • Be easy to navigate

responsive web design examples

Keep it interesting

Believe it or not, users don’t have the time or inclination to read about the new filing cabinet you purchased. You’ve got 10 seconds to clearly communicate your value proposition, so make it count.

Demonstrate to users that you are an expert in your field and someone you can trust when they make a buying decision. Websites aren’t personal vanity projects, so speak to users on an emotional level about your solution to the pain they are experiencing.

Don’t forget to:

  • Make it relevant
  • Write quality not quantity
  • Include client testimonials
  • Search Engine Optimise
  • Highlight a Call to Action (CTA)!

And finally…

A website IS the cornerstone of all your online marketing, treat it with the respect it deserves. Google & Bing are your friends, don’t give them the cold shoulder or just like an estranged lover, they will very quickly forget about you.

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